Tri-Tronics Dog Training, dog training collars, and dog training equipment with tips on the the use - How to use your new collar

One way to teach a dog to obey new commands is with the use of continuous stimulation. Pick the correct intensity level for your dog as described in the Tri-Tronic’s manual. Press the low button just before you give the command (not afterwards) and release the button the moment the dog complies. He will learn to “turn the collar off” by obeying the command.

Remember, in the beginning the dog may need the guidance of a leash to show him what behavior will shut off the stimulation. You should start with the low-level button and go up to medium if the dog will not respond.

You should reserve the high stimulation for rare circumstances when the dog is very distracted.

If the dog is not responding to the low at all, you will need to go up one level.

Using sit as an example, you would push the low-level button and give the sit command. Guide the dog into a sit using your leash and release the button when the dog is sitting. Very soon, you will no longer need to guide the dog with the leash.

During the first few lessons, you should press the button before each command. After several training sessions on a command, you should see the dog trying to obey quickly. When you see this reaction, the dog is ready for you to phase out using continuous stimulation. Now you can give the command first and if the dog does not comply, say “No, sit” and push low momentary. If the dog appears confused, go back to using continuous stimulation and show him what you want him to do.

When you use the collar to stop your dog from doing things he shouldn’t – like digging or jumping up – press the button the moment the dog makes the mistake (use momentary stimulation). You want him to think he caused the correction by something he did. Say nothing, as you do not want the dog to associate the correction with your presence. This technique would apply for boundary training as well. When the dog approaches the flagged boundary hit the tone button and follow it with the stimulation.

If you need a stronger motivation, you can use the high momentary on whatever level you are using. I suggest starting at one level higher than you use for training commands.

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