Septic Tank System Operation and Maintenance

One of the major advantages of a Septic Tank System is that it has no moving parts and therefore requires very little maintenance.

A well designed and maintained concrete or plastic aerobic septic system tank should last fifty years.  Due to corrosion problems, steel alternative septic systems can be expected to last no more than ten years.  One cause of septic tank system problems involves a failure to pump out the sludge solids and scum when required.  As the sludge depth increases, the effective liquid volume and detention time decrease.  As this occurs, you may experience septic tank toilet smells as sludge scouring increases.  Treatment efficiency falls off and more solids will escape through the outlet.  Scum may also begin to flow into the disposal system.  The most common cause of disposal area failure in your septic tank system is the accumulation of scum or sludge which escapes from your septic tank and causes septic tank toilet smells.  This may then require the use of a concentrated septic tank chemical.  The only way to prevent this is by periodic inspection and pumping of the tank.

After pumping, your septic tank system should be treated with a good septic tank chemical on a monthly schedule, such as Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate Septic System Digester which will help in reducing septic tank smell and sludge build-up.  Tanks should be inspected at intervals of no more than every year to determine the rates of scum and sludge accumulation. 

Please Note:  The Super Dijest-It™ mentioned above can also be effectively used in your RV Septic System.  If inspection programs are not carried out, a pump out frequency of once every 3-5 years is reasonable.  Once the characteristic sludge accumulation is known, inspection frequency can be adjusted accordingly.  The inlet and outlet structures and key joints should be inspected for damage after each tank pump-out.

Actual inspection of sludge and scum accumulations in your septic tank system is the only way to determine definitely when septic tank needs to be pumped.  When a tank is inspected, the depth of sludge and scum should be measure in the vicinity of the outlet baffle of both chambers.

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