Super Dijest-It™ Holding Tank Treatment For RV's and Boats & How It Works!.

Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate is the ideal solution for your RV Septic System and removing septic tank toilet smells. Unlike some septic tank chemicals, Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate is environmentally safe and will help remove septic tank toilet smells.

What are bacterial digestants?

Bacterial digestants are a combination of bacteria and enzymes, which reduce septic tank smell. They are proven to be safe septic tank chemicals and can be used a drain cleaner or to remove septic tank toilet smells. Reducing septic tank smell or odor in a RV septic system is an ideal solution for home or travel.

Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate starts reducing septic tank smell in minutes. You can deodorize all drains and eliminate septic tank toilet smells. This product adds billions of bacteria to your septic tank making it work better with less maintenance. Some septic tank chemicals have formaldehyde as part of their formula. Formaldehyde is a preservative and is certainly not environmentally safe when used in reducing septic tank smell or in an RV septic system.

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