Remote Dog Training Collars

Remote Dog Training Collars
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Dog lovers everywhere know that there is more to having a cute ball of fur than love and attention. Dogs can be the sweetest companion to have around but they can also do things that range from annoying to downright dangerous. When is the last time you had to slow down for a dog in the street?  No matter what the poor behavior is there is a training aid that will put a stop to the most stubborn canine's antics, remote dog training collars could even mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

Now that the need for remote dog training collars has been established how do you know which one to purchase? Below are three of the most popular brands of remote dog training collars available.


Innotek dog training collars are shocker collars that offer you a tool that is quite effective at deterring bad behavior. This company offers a variety of dog training collars depending on your training needs.

These collars vary in range and intensity and some offer tone training as well. If you are training an inside dog on proper manners and which furniture they can use and which they cannot you would probably be satisfied with the Innotek Lap Dog training system. However if you have multiple animals you may need their Spirit 2 Dog training system. They also offer 1,000-yard range collars and receivers as well as a variety of no bark collars.


Next up on the list is Tri-Tronics, this is a company that has been manufacturing dog training collars and devices for many years. They are dedicated to providing customers with the safest remote dog training products. One of their star products is the G-3 Remote Trainer.

  • Three models in one
  • 20 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation
  • Ergonomic transmitter design with large buttons
  • Train three dogs from the same transmitter
  • Three dials select mode, dog, and intensity
  • Multi-dog system
  • Half mile range
  • Waterproof
  • Long and short contact points


If you want the best of the best then Dogtra is the brand for you. They are world renowned for their line of remote dog training systems. They offer a product to suit any training situation from sport training to no bark systems; you will have to look long and hard to find a better variety.

Unlike some dog training collars, Dogtra offers you the convenience of setting the intensity of your dog collar. There are no presets with these collars, which allow you to set the intensity super low for your sensitive pets or increasingly higher for breeds that are more stubborn.

One other feature that sets these training systems apart from all the rest is the pager setting. This allows you to give a non-electric correction or tone which can be used as a deterrent or as a reward for good behavior.

When it comes to remote dog training collars, it is nice to have options. Just like people, no two dogs are exactly the same and each will present different training challenges. Use Dogtra dog training collars and you will never have to purchase another training system.

Dogtra Remote Training Collars
Dogtra Dog Training Collar, Electronic Dog Collar, Remote Training Collar. Dogtra is a world leader in electronic dog training products. Focusing on durability and superior electronics, Dogtra offers a full line of e-collars for all breeds and all sizes. Great for training your dog. Dogtra has developed a line of remote training collars that have set a new standard in the electronic collar training industry. With a focus on durability and cutting-edge technology, Dogtra offers a full line of training collars from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units.
Innotek Remote Dog Training Collars
Innotek Dog Training with our 2-Dog Training Collar is a smart easy way to train your dog. A necessary Hunting Supply Source for a new level of consistency, flexibility, and reliability for Dog Training. Innotek dog training collar, hunting dog training collar, electric dog training collar, electronic dog collar
Tri-Tronics Remote Dog Training Collars
Tri-Tronics Remote Trainer, Dog Training Collar & Dog Training Equipment. Tri-Tronics has been devoted to providing the safest, most reliable Dog Training Tools on the market. A high quality Dog Training Collar and Hunting Supply Source. For training a dog.
PetSafe Remote Training Collars
PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collars.
Garmin Remote Dog Training Collars
Garmin Remote Dog Training Collars
Dog Expedition Remote Training Collars
Dog Expedition Remote Training Collars

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