Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty - Frequently Asked Questions.

I have a male dog, will he use it without a place to mark? Male dogs will still lift their legs and urinate into the air. Their intention is to mark territory.

How often do I clean it? Everyone has different standards for cleaning so it is really a personal preference. We do recommend picking up solids so your dog does not step in their own waste and track it inside.

Is it easy to empty? It is quite simple to empty providing you do not let the receptacle fill to the top with urine. Remove the grass and drainage grate and dispose of the urine outdoors or pour down a drain.

How do I keep the urine from spilling? There are several low costs ways of absorbing the urine so that you do not have spillage issues. We recommend using a small amount of kitty litter, (crystal not clay type) newspapers or paper towels.

Will the urine freeze in the winter? Yes, urine will freeze, but it will not stick to the bottom of the tray.

How long will the grass last? The synthetic grass has a lifetime warranty under normal use. The warranty does not cover damaged cause by harsh chemicals or damaged caused from excessive digging, clawing, or chewing.

After washing, will the scent disappear? Yes, the attractant will eventually fade because you dog will cover the scent with their own. This is known as marking. The reason our attractant works so well is that dogs want to replace the scent up with their own.

Will my dog stop using it once the scent is washed away? Not if he/she is used to using a Pup-Head .

Can I use it out doors even in cold weather? Extreme weather conditions will not affect the Pup-Head.

Can I hose it down in freezing weather? As long as you have running water you can hose it off in freezing weather. You might want to let it dry completely indoors so that the unit does not freeze over before it dries.

Can I take it on an airplane? Yes Pup-Head fits perfectly in the overhead storage compartment.

How big is Pup-Head? 20” X 30” X 1.1”

How much does Pup-Head™ weigh? Approximately 4.9 lbs

Product Care Instructions:

Remove any solid waste from grass. Remove Pup-Grass from grate and tray, empty any liquid material, put grate back in tray and rinse thoroughly with mild soap and water. Hang mat to allow water to drain off quickly or place in dryer on air cycle only for 20 minutes. We also recommend using a bacterial/enzyme product such as “Pet Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover”.

Pet Odor Eliminator (POE) - Remove any solid waste from grass. Remove Pup-Grass from grate and tray, empty any liquid material, and put grate back in tray. Rinse thoroughly with water. Mix 5-parts water to 1-part Pet Odor Eliminator in a spray bottle and spray grass, grate, and tray. Rinse again with fresh water. Hang mat to allow water to drain off quickly or place in dryer on air cycle only for 20 minutes

What is the Warranty? PupGear Corporation guarantees their products for a period of one year against defects in material and workmanship. During the warranty period, PupGear will send the customer replacement parts or the customer can return the product directly to PupGear for repairs or replacement.

Portable Dog Potty

IMPORTANT: Pup-Grass™ mats do not have finished edges. If the mat is cut on the tuft, it is normal for fibers to shed at the edges. Some shedding is normal, and should subside. Edges can be heat-sealed using a long neck lighter. Please use caution when using an open flame. Apply heat approximately one inch from the edge, just until the material begins to curl.

Because of health and safety issues, portable dog potty products are not always returnable. Product must be returned in unused, and undamaged condition. For example, if your dog damages (shreds or eats the grass mat) please do not expect a full refund.

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