Dog Potty Training. Learn How To Potty Train Your Dog In Hours or Days, Not Weeks.

The struggles of dog potty training have sent more than one owner over the edge! Puppies are wonderfully cute and adorable but the "presents" they tend to leave on the living room floor are less than attractive. You try to take them outside on a regular basis but rainy days and winter are no fun at all, and besides catching the little fur ball at the right moment can be challenging. It would be nice if you could bring a piece of outside, inside! This is the idea behind this new dog toilet potty training device.


The idea of a "litter box" if you will for dog potty training is perfect. Now instead of having to get up in the middle of the night or go out in a rainstorm you have a dog toilet that is simple to use, easy to clean and portable to boot! Key features include:

  • Grate to keep fluids away from paws
  • Artificial grass
  • Low to the ground not a tall platform like most
  • No pads to replace


Many similar products have messy pads that absorb liquid and quickly become soggy. This means your puppy will have wet paws after doing his business. This puppy toilet has a unique grate that drains fluids away keeping the mess off your furniture and floors.

Another common feature of dog potty devices like this one is the use of absorbent pellets, similar to cat litter. These pellets are quickly tracked all over the house. This dog toilet instead uses an artificial grass mat that is more like taking your puppy outside.

You can use this dog potty system with any size dog! Whether your pet is a Chihuahua or a Saint Bernard, you can use this indoor puppy potty. The company offers three sizes to fit any need and both are portable and easy to use.


Though the manufacturer of these dog toilet devices has pulled out all the stops to make the unit attractive to your pet, potty training is not instant. You may have to work with your pet and train them to use the unit. One good way to do this is first use the device outside; get them accustomed to the idea of using the dog potty before you bring it inside.

Bottom Line

This kind of invention was long overdue, dog lovers around the world should rejoice that there is now a simple way to potty train your puppy without losing your mind, and perhaps best of all the dog toilet is portable so you can now take your dog with you on vacation, to grandma's house or just about anywhere! Take the stress out of house training your pet and purchase a dog potty today.

What's a portable dog potty? Get ready to throw away those dog training pads, training crates, and any other dog potty training system you may be using. A portable dog potty is by far better when it comes to training your dog to not use your house as his toilet. It is so easy to use that it does not take a rocket scientist to train your dog not to use your home as its bathroom.

Do you have a puppy or an older dog that continues to use your carpet, or even your tiled floor as their potty? Are you afraid that your house is going to start to smell? Get ready to train your dog or puppy using the portable dog potty. You can use it as a training method, or a new way to train your pet.

People use potties to train their children to use the toilet. You can train your puppy to use his or her own potty now. The portable dog potty is a unique product that looks like a square of grass. It's really easy to clean. The incredible design of this product, allows the urine and feces to instantly drain into a catch pan so your pet is not tracking it around the house. This isn't like Astroturf, it actually feels and looks like actual grass. With an easy to clean design, you will wish they had these years ago.

Your dog will smell enough of its own scent, and want to use this potty time and time again, which will save your floors and tiles. Your pets will want to use this one place to do their business. You can take it anywhere you go with your pet. Boats, RV's, hotels, or even outside on the patio, bring your new portable potty. If you want to train your dog to go outside, once he uses it and gets the hang of it, move it outside and allow him to use it there. It's a great training tool, because your pet will literally not want to go anywhere else to do its business.

Some of the smaller breed dogs will give you a tough time going outside in inclement weather, but that's no longer a worry. Let them use it indoors when the weather is an issue. Your sweet Chihuahua no longer has to shake when you try to carry him outside to do its business, now he can go in the warmth of the home, and you don't have to worry about a big mess. Easy to clean the portable dog potty will be your saving grace.

Portable dog potty isn't just for the smaller breeds, but is excellent for larger dogs as well. There are larger potties, to fit their needs and has the ability to hold more urine, and more feces, since they do more when they go.

If you're done knocking your head against the wall, and you're ready to train your dog the right way, and the easy way, try the pup-head portable dog potty. Cleanup doesn't have to be a hassle anymore.

Dog potty pads are a great simple way to house train your pet. They are even better when they are a part of a dog potty training device. The Pup Head Dog Potty is a great device that combines dog pee pads with a unique grate and tray assembly. The grates keep the moisture away from sensitive paws and the tray keeps the mess away from your floors. Of course, there is a period of training your dog will need in order to make the puppy training system work.

How To

The first thing you need to do before using the PupHead Portable Dog Potty is to assess your animal. Does you puppy sometimes use the bathroom outdoors, or is the mess concentrated in one particular room of the house?

Once you have found your puppy's favorite potty spot you should clean the area very well and then place your dog potty training system there. Of course, if the potty spot is outside you will not need to clean it! Placing the potty training device in this area will encourage them to use the pad instead of the grass or floor.

As soon as your pet gets the idea of using the dog potty you can gradually move it to a more appropriate location. Make sure, when you move the portable system that you let your dog in on the relocation.

Some dogs are more stubborn or harder to potty train than others, in this case you may need to build a small inside pen and place the potty pad inside. Make the area large enough so they can move around a bit but create a sleeping area with pillows or blankets that covers most of the free space, dogs are less likely to do their business where they sleep.

Other times you may need to watch for potty signs. If your dog is running around whining, searching or scratching at the floor this is a good indication they need to do their business. Place your pup on the dog potty and give them a few moments. When they successfully use the dog potty give them a treat and ample praise.

Puppy Potty

A portable puppy potty is probably one of the best inventions since sliced bread. No more piles of messy newspapers and ruined carpet! Perhaps the nicest thing about this training system is the fact that you can take it with you wherever you go! Now vacationing with your pet is a breeze.

PupHead Features

  • Immediate drainage
  • Cleans easily
  • Reasonable price

You really cannot go wrong with a Portable Dog Potty. You will be able to rest easy at night and not worry about taking your pet out in bad weather to do their business. Potties for dogs are indeed a wonderful product.

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