Pooch Power System

PoochPower System
PoochPower System
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Tired of cleaning up Fido's little messes? There's no need to bend over to get a handful with the powerful Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel at your service.

Pick up your whole yard with one clean sweep.

•Remove up to 150 pieces per charge

•Pick up waste daily or up to a weeks worth at one time

•Only weighs 4.25 pounds

•Works on any terrain

Manufacturer Warranty:

24 months parts / 12 months labor

It's almost like having someone else pick up your dog's waste There's no bending, scooping or even touching. In fact, with the push-button convenience of the Pooch Power Shovel, it's the next best thing to having someone else do the picking up for you.

This amazingly lightweight powered pooper-scooper vacuums waste directly into specially designed biodegradable bags.

It doesn't matter if you own a single Chihuahua or multiple large breed canines, the robust motor and rechargeable battery can pick up a whole yard's worth of waste in one go.

Plus, it removes the waste from virtually any surface without you ever having to get close to it.

Powered by a robust 22,000 rpm motor, the cordless, rechargeable Pooch Power Shovel weighs just 4¼ lbs., and works like a vacuum to make yard cleanup fast and easy.

Waste is sent directly into a biodegradable plastic bag.

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