Pet Potty Tips

For the longest time dog owners got the short end of the stick, at least compared to cat owners. If you owned a dog, you had two choices for the times when they needed to do their business, take them outside or deal with the mess on your floor, while cat owners have had the litter box for years! Well now dog owners can have the same luxury, an inside pet potty!

Indoor Dog Potty

Someone took a page from the cat lover's book and finally provided dog lovers with the same convenience. Now you can train your dog to use the pet toilet inside and never have to worry about late night walks or what the weather is doing. Rain, snow, sleet or shine your dog has his own dog potty so you are off the hook.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Anti microbial built in
  • Attractant added
  • Grates below "grass" keep feet clean and dry
  • Replacement pads not required but can be used

As you can imagine a traditional litter box would not save a dog owner many headaches even if they would use it, the digging and scratching would quickly spread litter everywhere! For a dog pet toilet, the design had to be a bit different.

For starters, a dogs potty needs lower sides, unlike cats dogs are not as apt to jump into a deep box. The optimum pet toilet will be low to the ground for easy access.

Litter simply will not work for a dog, beyond the problems of making a mess; some dogs will actually eat different types of litter, which can be very bad for them. Besides, it can get lodged in their sensitive paws and cause discomfort. The best pet potty for dogs will have a natural feel to it, with Pup grass that is safe and comfortable for your pet.

Some pets are harder to train than others are especially when it comes to a device like the pet toilet. Thankfully, the manufacturers of this device added an attractant that most dogs find irresistible.

Do you like to travel, visit friends or go on holiday with your pet but always find it is too much of a hassle? Now you can take your dog virtually anywhere with a portable pet toilet. Your friends and loved ones will appreciate your responsible actions and your dog will thank you for not having to stay at a kennel while you are away.

House training a dog has never been easy but with the help of the pet potty, it just got a little simpler. You may have to work with your dog a bit until they get used to the idea, however once they do you will wonder how you ever lived without an indoor pet toilet.

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