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The purpose of the information provided here is for the pet owners benefit. The products listed in this web site helps promote their dog health and cat health. The automatic pet feeder and the pet fountain keepís the pet healthy by controlling the petís weight and through proper hydration. It is our goal to provide information on the above subject to you to help make an educated decision, prior to purchasing any such appliance in the market.

Over weight and Obesity in Pets:

· Obesity is one of the greatest health issues in pets today. The increase in the number of years that your pet lives has increased its chances of having bloating problems, a stroke, epileptic attacks, shortness of breath during exercise, ligament injury, tendon injury and heart attacks. Having a healthy pet so that you may enjoy the companionship is very important. This also reduces your visits to the veterinarian. Todayís cost of doctorís visits is prohibitive and preventive measures in the long run benefit you and your pet.

· If your pet Ďs weight is greater than 20% of his body weight of pets his breed and age, then consider that he/she is overweight. Remember that this is no fault of the pet. The root cause of this is the owner of the pet. The owner needs to change his habits for the pet to return to be healthy. Find out how to identify an overweight or obese pet.


1. Providing your pet with a balance nutrition or change the diet of the pet on your vetís recommendation. Make sure that you feed the type, frequency and your vet recommends quantity of food.

2. Exercise your pet regularly.

3. Feed you pet at regular intervals.

4. Do not feed your pet more than the pet needs for his level of activity and age.

5. Feeding your pet more frequent meals than on big meal, which reduces the chances bloating, and becoming diabetic.

6. Donít feed your pet table scraps.

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As it has been our goal to provide you with this information so that you can understand your pets needs we request that you read all the material provided in the links and other books about cat health and dog health to become more involved with you pet. We hope that this information was usefully and you will be back to visit us again.

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