Outdoor Dog Waste Solutions

Outdoor Dog Waste Solutions
Discover a way to control your Pet Waste.

Environmentally Safe Dog Waste Disposal Systems For Dogs.

Dog Waste Disposal Systems, Converts Your Dog Waste to a liquid state.

The dream of every dog owner is to have outdoor space free of the nuisance and mess of dog waste.

Outdoor dog waste can be an embarrassing situation when guests come to visit. Dogs and guests can also step into the dog waste and bring the funk and mess into the home. Parents of young children have to be even more careful that their children don't put dog waste in their mouth or play with it. An active dog might even leave a surprise in your child's sandbox! For help handling outdoor dog waste, dog owners turn to Doggie Dooley toilets, artificial grass, and waste digester products.

Doggie Dooley Toilets and Septic Tanks

Finally, dog owners have an environmentally sound, easily accessible method of disposing of dog poop. The Doggie Dooley system is placed in the lawn and is simple enough for use by children and adults to dispose of outdoor dog waste. Simply scoop the poop with the included scooper, push the foot-operated lid, and drop the waste away! The whole job is complete in just a few seconds.  

Because the Doggie Dooley outdoor dog waste system fit into the ground, it is barely noticeable. Only the stylish cover sits above ground and its design complements the look of any yard. Unlike throwing poop in the trashcan, there is no disgusting smell to deal with and your dog will no longer try to eat their own waste. Septic and Toilets feature different models to accommodate absorbent and less absorbent soil types. The outdoor dog waste septic tank treats the waste in the tank then overflows. In the Doggie Dooley toilet model, the treated waste breaks down through the open bottom system.

Doggie Dooley Super Digester & Super Dijest-It Liquid Dog Waste Digester

In Doggie Dooley Toilets and Septic tanks, enzymes are sprinkled into the system in order to aid in treating and breaking down poop. The Doggie Dooley Super Digester is a great choice for treating dog waste. It features a bacteria and enzyme powder that can be mixed with warm water to break down waste. For treating outdoor dog waste in cold climates, the Super Dijest-It is a liquid digester perfect for cold weather since it won't freeze. The concentrated Super-Dijest-It liquid also works to clean drains and holding tanks on boats and recreational vehicles. Both products are natural and safe to use around pets and on lawns.  

PupGrass Artificial Grass

When it comes to having a dog friendly lawn and disposing of outdoor dog waste nothing best PupGrass. This artificial grass is affordable enough for an entire lawn, or for commercial landscaping designs, dog kennels, and other dog-related businesses. Unlike other synthetic grass products, PupGrass is specifically designed to meet the needs of dogs and offers a soft and cool surface for your dog to use. Liquids drain through the grass while bacteria and odor killing ingredients built into the synthetic turf gives you a clean yard. With the PupGrass artificial grass and Doggie Dooley, outdoor dog waste will no longer be an issue and your lawn will look perfect during any season or weather condition.

The PupGrass is backed by a 10-year warranty and is sanitary enough for children to play on or to go to a garden party; guests won't even realize the grass isn't real. Best of all, this method of handling outdoor dog waste allows you to simply enjoy your lawn. No more wasting time and money doing backbreaking work: mowing, irrigating fertilizing, controlling weeds, dealing with lawn diseases and getting rid of pests!

Doggie Dooley Dog Toilets
Doggie Dooley Toilets and Septics are a safe, natural, and sanitary dog potty solution. Keep your lawn and play areas clear of dog potty, clean, odor free, and safe for your pets and children.
Pup-Grass™ Artificial Grass For Dogs
Pup-Grass™ Synthetic Lawn built for dogs. Perfect For patios, dog runs, backyards, side yards, dog parks, boarding kennels, doggy day care, and K9 training facilities. ON BACKORDER
Super Dijest-It™ Liquid Dog Waste Digester With Deodorizer
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Waste Digester For Dog Septic Tanks and Dog Toilets.
Doggie Dooley Super Digester
The Doggie Dooley Super Digester is a mixture of harmless bacteria and enzymes designed specifically to liquefy dog stools when mixed with warm water.

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