Outdoor Dog Contain and Train

Outdoor Contain and Train
Keep your dog safe in the yard and well behaved.

Train in the yard or outside the property.

Only Innotek® lets you operate containment and training features with one system.

Innotek's exclusive Contain 'N' Train® systems keep your dog in the safety of your yard and offers the control of a handheld transmitter for the same freedom away from home. These systems install easily and with common household tools.

Patented run-through prevention offers secure, reliable containment.

Dogs are a wonderful pet to have but they do not come without their fair share of issues. One major problem on most dog owner's minds is how to contain and train their beloved pet to stay in the yard! Not everyone has the means or the luxury of installing a pet proof fence such as chain link. These types of containment fences can run you several hundred dollars to even thousands depending on the size of your yard. That is why many people are choosing to go with contain and train devices such as underground fencing and training collars.

Dangers of Unrestrained Dog

If you are a new pet owner you may be thinking that any type of contain and train device is a waste of time and money. However, you should consider the possible problems of an unrestrained dog.

Dogs have a mind of their own particularly when they are young or in a new place. Pets have been known to travel great distances in an effort to return to a previous home or owner. Without some kind of training or containing device, you could find that Fido quickly outpaces you and is gone forever!

Many locales have leash laws for dogs and if your pet ends up wandering the streets, they could find themselves a resident of the local animal shelter. Moreover, you will likely have a stiff fine for failing to control the dog.

These are just a couple of possible scenarios when you fail to contain and train your dog. Fighting, biting and even being dog knapped for research are all possibilities. The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep them safe and contained.


There are a few different ways you can contain and train your animal. You could purchase a training collar and remote that allows you to correct your dog when they go too close to the boundaries of your property. For animals that are inside most of the time this is a good option.

However if you would like to keep your dog in the yard most of the time a better choice would be an underground fence and training collar. These give you the freedom to leave your pet unattended without the fear that they will leave the yard. A popular option is the Innotek 5100 in ground contain and train system. This product gives you the ability to contain up to five acres and add more than one dog to the system.


  • Water proof collars
  • Collar is rechargeable
  • Expandable for several dogs or acres
  • Safe and effective
  • 7 training levels
  • Tone only option

This system works by creating a boundary that your dog will not cross.  Once the fence is installed and the collar is in place your dog will receive a slight, correction should he or she venture too close to the fence. This correction is a slight pulse or tone chosen by you. The great thing about this particular system is you can choose the level of correction and for super sensitive animals even go with a tone only setting. This is one of the most safe and humane manners to contain and train your pet to stay within the boundaries of your property.

Dog Expedition DE Border Patrol TC1
The revolutionary DE Systems Border Patrol TC1 is the first of its kind in dog containment technology! It combines wireless, GPS-guided electronic fence containment technology along with short-range tracking, and a robust electronic dog training collar….all combined into a single, compact and affordable handheld and dog-collar unit.
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Dog Expedition DE Border Patrol TC1 BPTC1

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