Artic Mosquito Killing System Frequently Asked Questions!

Trap mosquitoes with our MKS-1022 C02 mosquito trap, mosquito control product. A complete mosquito trap and mosquito killing system.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How does the Mosquito Killing System Work?

The system creates a source of heat and CO2 in the proportions that the female blood sucking mosquito is genetically programmed to find. The MKS mimics the mosquito’s prey by producing different body signatures, such as, temperature and breathing of poultry, fowl, livestock, pets and humans. The MKS cycles every six to nine minutes producing the different body signatures.

What insects will the Mosquito Killing system eradicate?

Those insects that are attracted to heat and CO2, which is primarily the female mosquito, No-See-Ums, gnats and biting flies.

Does the Mosquito Killing System harm the environment in any way?

No, unlike those systems that use propane or chemicals, the Mosquito Killing System and its CO2 emission is like having an additional tree in the yard.

Does the placement of the Mosquito Killing System affect the results?

Yes, mosquitoes look for the easiest source of heat and CO2, so the closer to the source of the mosquitoes, the better it works.

Is it possible to control mosquitoes in an area?

Yes, studies have shown that 90% of the biting mosquitoes live within 100 yards of where they hatch.

Is the Mosquito Killing System expensive to use?

No, CO2 and electricity are the only expense to run the unit. Costs for each of these vary by market and are similar to most household appliances.

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