Mosquito Traps: Don't Get Stung! Press Release

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Press Release

Mosquito Traps: Don't Get Stung!

AKRON,OH - June 21, 2004 -

West Nile Virus has begun its sixth season in the United States, and health officials predict a worse outbreak than last year. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 9,100 cases of the illness were reported nationwide last year and 246 people died. So far this year, West Nile virus activity has already been reported in 14 states, and mosquito season has just started. Mosquito-borne diseases also kill thousands of birds, horses and zoo wildlife each year.

Mosquitoes not only affect homeowners, but also businesses. Golf courses, resorts, ballparks, swimming pools and similar operations often have frustrated employees and customers during peak mosquito activity. Warehouses and trucking terminals, even a government post office, were nearly shut down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration because of mosquito problems.

Employers and employees should be aware of the following regulation. "The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to comply with hazard-specific safety and health standards. In addition, pursuant to Section 5(a)(1), the General Duty Clause of the Act, employers must provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Employers can be cited for violating the General Duty Clause if there is a recognized hazard and they do not take reasonable steps to prevent or abate the hazard."

The CDC admits that community spraying and draining of mosquito-breeding ponds is not enough to control the spread of the disease. Citronella candles and insecticide foggers are also not sufficient safeguards. Repellants containing DEET can be dangerous and do not reduce mosquito populations.

DEET is a synthetic chemical that can cause neurological damage in humans, particularly in children. Up to 56 percent of topically applied DEET penetrates the skin, and 17 percent is absorbed into the bloodstream. Reactions include headache, disorientation, agitation, seizure, anaphylaxis, and coma.

Research shows that DEET does not always fend off all mosquito species, and it should only be applied to clothing or exposed skin, never under clothing. The American Association of Pediatrics issued a warning that DEET solutions over 10 percent concentration should not be used on any children, and as little repellent as possible should be used. Infants and pregnant women should not use it at all.

Bug zappers and similar devices are useless against mosquitoes, because the pests are attracted to carbon dioxide in breath and not ultraviolet light. Retail products that use propane to get rid of mosquitoes are also not all they claim to be. Machines such as the Mosquito Magnet and Mosquito Deleto eliminate some mosquitoes, but PHD Entomologists tests cannot prove that the machines reduce mosquito populations.

In numerous field tests, the only product that consistently outperforms every machine and product on the market is the Arctic Mosquito Killing System (MKS). It is the result of 17 years of research and testing, and was developed with technical assistance from NASA. This proven cutting-edge technology is not available in stores.

The MKS reduces the mosquito population in a one-acre area without pesticides or chemicals. It is Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed, safe, quiet and odorless. It does not use a flame or propane tank, because they can be dangerous and are ineffective.

Unlike machines available in stores, the MKS has seven unique features. One, it uses electricity because propane cannot produce proper airflow or heat. Two, scientific measurements are applied for the heat source, mimicking body temperatures of warm-blooded mammals. Three, controlled and measured releases of carbon dioxide cycle every several minutes simulating breathing patterns of humans and animals. Four, an energy-saving photocell turns the unit on at dusk and off at dawn. Five, mosquitoes detect no air turbulence, but are vacuumed in. Six, the machine is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. Seven, the unit's surface simulates skin texture.

The MKS captures several times as many mosquitoes than any other machine or product, greatly reducing female mosquito populations. The female, not the male, feeds on blood from animals, people and birds. They also lay an average of 300 eggs. So, for every 1,000 mosquitoes eliminated the mosquito population is actually reduced by 300,000.

Now is the time to start killing mosquitoes. It is much easier to reclaim a backyard, garden, patio and deck when a system is in place before a full-blown infestation occurs. Families can now have safer and more enjoyable summers.

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