Doggie Dooley Model 2000 Dog Septic Systems.

Doggie Dooley Model 2000 Septic System
Doggie Dooley Model 2000 Septic System
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Polyethylene Plastic Doggie Dooley 2000 Disposal System

Doggie Dooley Septics should be installed underground, leaving just the cover exposed above ground.

To use simply install the Doggie Dooley in the ground, drop in waste, occasionally sprinkle in enzymes & water and your system is ready to work 24 hours a day to handle the waste of 1 large or 2 small dogs.

For use in areas with sandy absorbent soils.

These units are ideal as dog septic tanks.


  • Foot Operated Lid Opener
  • Built-In Over-Flow
  • 8 oz. Digester Powder


  • Height - 15 3/4"
  • Lid Opening - 8 1/2"
  • Tank Diameter - 16 3/4"

The Model 2000 Septic Tank is designed for sandy absorbent soil and works like a miniature septic tank, utilizing enzyme and bacteria action to automatically reduce dog waste to a ground absorbing liquid. It has a built-in overflow feature close to the top of the unit that releases waste liquid into the ground.

It's neat, fast, clean, sanitary, convenient, inconspicuous, odorless and insect free. Best of all it ends the annoying nuisance of burying stool or other means of disposal.

Harmless to pets, lawns and shrubbery.

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