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A-OK Mini Storage and Car Wash Forrest City, Ar

We have a 1999 model of the Arctic Killing System and love it. I have been told they are even better now and have ordered two more for use at two locations in Memphis, Tn. The mosquites are extremely bad in the southern states, but we aren't bothered with them because of the Arctic Killing Machine installed at our location. Thank you Mr. Wilbanks for making such a wonderful product!

Manager ------------------------------------

Trap mosquitoes with our MKS-1022 C02 mosquito trap, mosquito control product. A complete mosquito trap and mosquito killing system.

What people are saying... "The Dallas Airport Mail Center was experiencing a serious problem with mosquitoes inside the building and creating a health hazard for our employees. In September, we installed the Mosquito Killing System at all the suspected Mosquito entry points within the building. We immediately experienced a drastic decrease in the number of mosquitoes inside the building and have since had no additional problems. To date, we have been satisfied with this product."

Reggie Cauthen, Manager Maintenance

Sid Clark, MPE, Maintenance

"I am writing this letter to let you know that I am very pleased with the mosquito-killing machines. The clinic's neighbors are enjoying the one purchased for the NEA-Osceola Rural Health Clinic as well as the employees. Arctic Products has a good reputation for their products. As you know, Osceola, Arkansas is a city located on the Mississippi River and the area has a lot of rice crops. The mosquito population is abundant in the day and much worse at night. From late spring to mid fall, you are literally eaten alive. It feels nice to go outside ad enjoy the outdoors without those smelly repellents all over you that don't work. Thank you so much for the information your company sent me. I appreciate your assistance in helping me get the unit that was right for my family's needs as well as the clinic. I will definitely tell everyone I know about it and where they can get one.

Thank you again."

Glenda Hawks

Clinic Manager

(ARTICLE Featured in Thoroughbred times)

“At this time there is no acceptable risk when it comes to introducing chemicals around thoroughbreds.  We could use anything to control mosquitoes and we chose the Mosquito Killing System by Arctic.  It is environmentally safe and we are completely satisfied”.

John Chilcott

General Foreman, Belmont Park Racetrack

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