Misc Products

Super Dijest-It™
Super Dijest-It™ Septic System Digester's are all natural and were developed to save you money, These products are very effective when used to renew dog septic systems or clean and deodorize drains. When used in RV septic system or boat holding tanks you can eliminate flush-outs with only 2 oz. to a 40 gal. tank with Septic System Digesters - septic tank chemicals. Works in reducing septic tank toilet smells and in Dog Septic Systems.
Pet Pest Control
Mosquito Killing System and "Mosquito Trap" will help with the mosquito control problem in your area. Featuring safe Mosquito Control System and unique Electronic Pest Control Devices for pets. A better solution without the use of harsh chemicals. Ultrasonic pest control and biting insect control. C02 mosquito trap, mosquito killing system.

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