Pup-Head™ Portable Dog Potty For Large Dogs - SALE!

Large PupHead Portable Dog Potty
Large PupHead Portable Dog Potty
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30” X 40" x 1.5”


Pup-Head™ Portable Dog Potty For Large Dogs - SALE!

Dogs don’t have to step up, or on to a Platform. Pup-Head™ is almost level with the ground. In addition, our patent pending scent makes the Pup-Head™ irresistible to dogs.

Pup-Head™ is easy to clean and weighs less than 12 lbs. It is a perfect solution for boats, recreational vehicles, apartments, high-rise buildings and cold weather climates.

Elderly and handicapped pet owners, anyone who may be unable to take their dogs outdoors several times a day, will love Pup-Head™.

Your Pup-Head™ Portable Dog Potty features our unique artificial surface, Pup-Grass™. This custom-tufted product is designed to fit in the Pup-Head™ tray.

IMPORTANT: Pup-Grass™ mats do not have finished edges. If the mat is cut on the tuft, it is normal for fibers to shed at the edges. Some shedding is normal, and should subside. Edges can be heat-sealed using a long neck lighter. Please use caution when using an open flame. Apply heat approximately one inch from the edge, just until the material begins to curl..

30” X 40" x 1.5”

Because of health and safety issues, portable dog potty products are not always returnable. Product must be returned in unused, and undamaged condition. For example, if your dog damages (shreds or eats the grass mat) please do not expect a full refund.

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