Indoor Dog Waste Solutions

Indoor Dog Waste Solutions
Indoor Dog Waste Solutions for Your Dogs.

Solve your pet odor problems along with Indoor Potty Training.

Pet Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover solutions.

Let's face it even the cutest and most loveable dog can be a nuisance when you are constantly cleaning up pee and waste in your home thanks to a flimsy dog potty or inefficient indoor dog waste disposal system. Taking your pet outside to use the bathroom can be just as tiresome. Dogs cannot resist digging up holes all over the yard, trampling flowerbeds and causing unsightly dead spots over the lawn thanks to burning the grass with their strong urine. The right indoor dog waste system is convenient for dog owners and features a dog potty that requires little contact with pee and waste.  

Portable Dog Potty

For dog owners, the Pet Loo is the most trusted indoor dog waste system on the market and the best selling. The innovative engineering used in the Pet Loo is built upon a unique three-part system. The top layer of the indoor dog waste system is a layer of artificial grass. Called Pup-Grass, this synthetic mat of grass looks, smells and feels like the real thing to your pet. Because dogs have a natural instinct to use the bathroom in the grass, they will gravitate towards using the PupHead dog potty. Unlike the grass on your lawn, this artificial grass will not turn yellow or brown from dog pee. It features a knitted backing, allowing liquid to immediately drain through a grate and into a tray that can be dumped outside or flushed down the toilet. With the PupHead, indoor dog waste sits on top of the grass and can quickly be scooped up and flushed.

Because liquid and waste are separated, your dog does not end up with wet paws and does not track the scent and mess all over your home. The yarn used in the grass includes an odor fighting anti-microbial so your home never takes on the unpleasant odor of dog pee. The lightweight design of the indoor dog waste system is also perfect for traveling with your pet. The regular sized dog potty is lightweight at only 7 pounds while the large potty is still a lightweight 14 pounds and offers plenty of room for large breeds such as a Great Dane or German Shepherd. PupHead original holds up to 2 gallons of liquid and the large version can hold 4 gallons. Clean the grass mat, by simply hosing off and the rest of the system can be cleaned with mild soap and detergent.

The real reason pet owners love the PupHead indoor dog waste system is because it was designed to travel with you! The PupHead indoor dog potty can be taken on boats and recreational vehicles and is packaged in a box that doubles as a carrying case. The PupHead is also great for when heat, rain, and cold prevent going outside. Disabled and elderly individuals who don't have the ability to take their dog out to the lawn several times a day and individuals living in apartments and condos will appreciate the time they save using the PupHead indoor dog waste system.

Pet Odor Eliminator

For dealing with indoor pet odors and your dog potty, the Pet Odor Eliminator offers a professional strength product ideal for homes and those running dog kennels. The concentrated cleaning formula works to remove old cat or dog pee stains from your carpet and the lingering smell. The product also removes blood, animal waste, red wine stains, and even skunk smells from carpet, hardwood flooring, and bedding.

With the Pet Odor Eliminator alongside the PupHead indoor dog waste system you have a home that smells fresh and clean no matter how many cats and dogs you own. 

Pet Odor Eliminator
Pet Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover is your solution for indoor pet odors and stains, pet odor control, pet urine stain. You can use it as a pet odor remover, a carpet shampoo or in a hot water extractor to keep your home odor free and remove pet odors. An all-natural pet odor remover, concentrated to save you money. Works great on pet stain and eliminating pet odors. Pet odor elimination, pet urine odor, remove pet odor from carpets, removing pet odor, remove pet stain and odor.

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