Innotek Remote Training Frequently Asked Questions!

Innotek Remote Training for dog obedience training, and dog behaviour training.
  1. Do you have a system that features training with tone only, as well as training with stimulation?

    Yes, the SD-100A features good tone and bad tone buttons for tone only training along with a separate stimulation button with four levels. The ADV-300P/1000P features a tone only button and separate stimulation buttons with 7/15 levels. We also have UltraSmart models IUT-300 and IUT-1000 that have tone buttons and also 9-15 levels of stimulation.

  2. Do you offer a remote training system that allows me to train 2 dogs with one hand held transmitter?

    Yes, Innotek offers the BT-502A system that comes packaged with 2 water resistant collar receivers. Innotek also offers the ADV-1002 system that comes packaged with 2 waterproof collar receivers. The UltraSmart systems, IUT-300 and IUT-1000 are also 2 dog systems.

  3. Do you offer a remote training system that allows me to train 3 dogs with one hand held transmitter?

    No, at this time INNOTEK does not offer a 3 dog system.

  4. Do you have any systems that are completely waterproof?

    Yes, the CS-16000 and CS-16000TT feature a waterproof hand held transmitter and collar receiver. The UltraSmart IUT-300 and IUT-1000. System transmitters and collars are also completely waterproof.

  5. Do you offer a product that will allow me to train my dog, as well as, track my dog?

    Yes, Innotek combines the features of a remote training collar with the feature of an audible tracking collar in our CS-16000TT Track N Train system. We also offer the TT-100A system that will track and train your dog.

  6. How many Innotek remote launchers and/or autobacker dogs can the CS-16000 hand held transmitter operate?

    A combination of up to 8 auxiliary units can be used with the CS-16000 hand held transmitter.


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