Learn How To Totally Eliminate The Mosquito Population In your Area. A Guaranteed Proven Solution For Mosquitoes, Midges, No See Ums, Biting Flies and Biting Gnats With Our Mosquito Control Systems

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Now introducing the only thing you need to "kill gnats", control Mosquitoes, Midges Bites, No-See-Um bugs, or No See Um Insects, Biting Flies and Lawn Gnat Trap.

The MKS Midge and Mosquito Killing System now has the combined technology of both the MKS-1022 and MKS-1023 in one effective proven system - The MKS Midge and Mosquito Control System.

Ideal for getting rid of gnats outside and no see um control.

The Arctic Mosquito Killing System, a mosquito control unit, produces the same body temperature as people, farm animals, and pets. Our "Mosquito Trap" cycles every six to nine minutes to produce the body heat signatures that will attract several different species of mosquitoes. It is also very effective at no see ums control, midges bites, biting flies, and midge flies.

The outdoor mosquito control unit features a scientific measurement of heat release and carbon dioxide which not only reduces the mosquito population but also no seeum bites. The mosquito killing system is designed to trap mosquito, kill mosquitoes, and eliminate no see um, no-see-ums, and mosquito biting. With an outdoor [mosquito trap] now is the time to eliminate the mosquito bug and reclaim your backyard, patio and deck with a mosquito electronic system in place.

The mosquito pest season is just around the corner, and mosquito-borne diseases will soon be resurfacing. Our MKS Mosquito Killing System with its scientifically proven unique mosquito C02 emission system is the answer.

Our Pest Control units and "Mosquito Control Systems":

  • Magnets for mosquitoes and other bugs

  • Capture and kill large and small pests

  • No more need for nets or Harmful chemicals

  • 100% guaranteed to control and eliminate mosquitoes and other pests

  • Self cleaning maintenance free

  • Energy-Saving photocell on the MKS-1022 and MKS-1023 turns the unit On at dusk, Off at dawn


Fight Mosquitoes with our [Mosquito Control Systems], and Mosquito Control Devices, Garden Pest Control, and "Mosquito Trap" devices from Unique Distributors

Mosquitoes are both aggravating pests and disease-carrying insects that surround us during the hotter months. If you've tried the basic net unit, or another device, you've noticed that they seem to fly right through it. Your solution to mosquito control has arrived.

Rid your home and backyard areas of this nuisance without using Harsh or Poisonous Chemicals with an electric, CO2 [Mosquito Trap] pest control methods from Unique Distributors.

Unique Distributors takes natural mosquito and household pest control to a higher level. Our garden electronic pest control devices, Control-Mosquito systems, act like a magnet, killing mosquitoes and other biting insects that carry the West Nile Virus and other diseases.

Unique Distributors offers you a mosquito system against fierce mosquitoes and other pests that carry powerful, deadly diseases.

Ideal for use around Homes, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Garages, Schools, Club Houses, Apartment Buildings, Barns, Stables, Kennels. Will not harm pets such as - Cats, Dogs, Fish, and Birds.

Please direct your questions about garden pest or control products to our customer service department at 1-800-333-4793 or 480-820-3362.

Unique Advanced Arctic Infrared MKS Midge and Mosquito Killing System
Advanced Arctic Infrared MKS Midge and Mosquito Killing System. Spring and Summer Special SALE!!! The Arctic Infrared Mosquito Killing System (MKS) is a scientific breakthrough in controlling midges and mosquitoes. It uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to mimic respiration and body temperatures of humans, horses, livestock, poultry and domesticated pets. The Arctic Infrared Mosquito Killing System (MKS) acts as a magnet to attract mosquitoes, and then vacuums them into the unit where they are quickly and quietly eliminated. Trap mosquitoes with co2 mosquito trap. A great [mosquito control systems]. Mosquito control equipment and safe mosquito control.
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Unique Advanced Arctic Infrared MKS Midge and Mosquito Killing System MKS
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Mosquito Trap-Octenol Mosquito Attractant For The MK05G and MK12
2 Octenol Mosquito Attractant Strips
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Mosquito Trap-Octenol Mosquito Attractant For The MK05G and MK12 MKOCT02

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