Indoor Dog Containment

Indoor Dog Containment
Help to train your dog to keep to its boundaries while in the house.

Keep your dog out of trouble and away from specific areas.

For outside dogs pens and containment are a given, but have you ever considered indoor dog containment? Everyone has areas or furniture in their home that they would prefer the pets stayed away from and indoor dog containment is a perfect method to achieve this goal.

How It Works

Most indoor dog containment devices come with a collar and a round transmitter. When the collar and the transmitter come within close proximity of each other, a warning beep sounds. If the dog persists in coming closer to the restricted area a small correction will be given in the form of an electrical pulse.

Where can it be used?

You can use indoor dog containment in any area of your home. These are completely harmless devices for children or other pets and will keep Fido where he is supposed to be. For instance if you have a dog fond of looking for leftovers in the kitchen trash you can place a transmitter within a few feet of the trash and your problem is solved! This works for counters, furniture and specific rooms that your dog is banned from.


Indoor pets are nice; however, there are times when you would like to contain them to one area of the house without erecting dog gates in every room. An indoor dog containment system is perfect for keeping your dog from problem areas and makes for a much neater and peaceful home.

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