If you have horses, you naturally want to keep them healthy!


The health of your horse is very important to you! We understand that. When your horse remains healthy, he remains happy. This makes you and your family happy as well. Not only do you save on vet bills, but your horse is well adjusted and easier to take care of.

A sick horse is no fun and a horse who doesn’t receive regular, healthy meals can easily get sick. For this reason, we have your best choice for automatic horse feeders, electronic horse feeders and time released horse feeders.

Whether you are not able to check on your horse several times a day, or you simply want to make sure that he is not left wanting, these feeders make sure your horse doesn’t miss meal time. Your horse is happy, knowing that his scheduled meal will be there on time and you have the peace of mind knowing that your horse is well fed and taken care of.

Automatic horse feeders allow your horse to eat when he’s hungry and when you feel he is ready for a meal.

The electronic horse feeders are a great way to ensure he is getting exactly what he needs and the time released horse feeder allows your horse to receive a regularly scheduled and appropriately portioned meal.

The advantage of using our automatic horse feeders is that they are dependable, reliable, cost efficient and convenient for you. If you happen to be late or something comes up, you can be assured that your horse is still receiving his meal right on time!

Stop those costly vet bills from piling up because of an inconsistent meal time or a weaker immune system.

They are expensive and they can accumulate really quickly! By implementing small, money-saving and time-saving methods like electronic horse feeders – you are able to avoid paying more to your vet! You can take the precautionary steps to ensure your horse’s health and happiness.

Automatic horse feeders help you save time, money and heartache by keeping your pet on a routine. This helps him become more comfortable as he can rely on his food being on time. If you’ve ever missed a meal or had something else to do – you will understand the benefits of these automatic horse feeders, electronic horse feeder and the time released horse feeder!

Keep your horse healthy and happy – and you stay happy as well!

Quick Feed Automatic Horse Feeders

With our quick feed automatic horse feeders, you can ensure that your horse is well fed – even if you aren’t there right on time!

These automatic horse feeders are electric or battery operated and allows you the peace of mind in knowing that your horse is happy and that you are taking the necessary precautions to keep him from becoming sick! They can even keep you from paying unnecessary vet bills because of inconsistent meal times or a weaker immune system.

When you use our automatic horse feeders, you gain these features:

  • Affordability – our automatic horse feeders are cost-effective and will pay for themselves!
  • Large Capacity Hoppers
  • Easy Wall Installation – no difficult install to frustrate you!
  • Electric or Battery Operation – the most convenient way to feed your horse!
  • Settings from 1 up to 12 Feedings Per Day – don’t worry about missing meal time! Your horse won’t!
  • Dispenses Grains, Pellets, Dog & Cat Food – Not just for horses! Feed all of your beloved animals right on time with these automatic horse feeders and automatic pet feeders.
  • Digital Clock Programming
  • Dispenses food with a spinning cylinder

These automatic horse feeders are convenient, dependable and reliable so you don’t have to worry about the health and well-being of your horse!

  1. You can feed all types of animals with these automatic pet feeders. From pigs and goats to dogs and cats! In fact, one of our customers feeds her family of raccoons with her automatic horse feeder!
  2. You can load the feeder with anything from oats to mixed grains, to cat food and larger dog foods. They can be used for just about any type of food for any animal you want to feed on a schedule!
  3. Does your horse or other animal eat more than just one feeding at a time? No problem – you can set the automatic horse feeders to feed from 1 to 12 times – within seconds of each other if you’d like!
  4. The first QUICK FEED Automatic Pet Feeder was sold in May, 1997 for horses. Each successive year has brought major improvements while maintaining an affordable price and the highest quality. Although our prices have remained low we feel our service, integrity and workmanship have continued to improve.
  5. Today's QUICK FEEDS offer flexible feeding times and amounts PLUS your choice of power source - electric or battery! Amount settings range from a few ounces up to 2 pounds.
  6. You can even mount the feeders differently for different animals – low for smaller animals like cats, dogs and pot-bellied pigs and outside the stall for your horses. Don’t let your loyal pets miss their scheduled meal! Make sure they get it with our automatic horse feeders and automatic pet feeders.

Eliminate the worry! Never miss a horse feeding again with our automatic electronic horse feeders:.

  • Quick Feed Automatic Horse Feeders

  • Quick Feed Automatic Electronic Timed Horse and Pet Feeders
    Quick Feed Automatic Electronic Timed Horse Feeders and Automatic Pet Feeders assure peace of mind knowing your beloved pets and animals are fed, happy, and healthy. Electric or battery operation available. Dispenses up to 12 times per day.