Discover How To Totally Eliminate Dog Poo With Our Proven Dog Waste Digester. Your Results Are Guaranteed With Our Super Dijest-It™ Environmentally Safe Formula.

Super Dijest-It™ Liquid Dog Waste Digester With Deodorizer

Now you have a unique & easy way to break down & eliminate dog waste. You can also eliminate odor since Super Dijest-It™ has a strong deodorizer as part of an all-natural one-of-a-kind formula.

Are you tired of looking for a good Bacterial/Enzyme solution that not only breaks down dog waste but also eliminates odor? Are you fed up with the many so-called in-demand products that feature formaldehyde (a preservative) as part of their formula and smell so bad they practically take your breath away when you unscrew the cap?

Our unique Super Dijest-It™ is highly concentrated & breaks down organic dog-waste particles to a liquid state while eliminating odor. Super Dijest-It™ is an environmentally safe, all natural liquid bacteria, with added enzymes. (No Formaldehyde)

The Super Dijest-It is an excellent waste digester and also helps eliminate odor. We recommend using 1-2 ounces of Super Dijest-It per dog per week in your Doggie Dooley.

Hi, we're Devan & Paul & we believe that Our Super Dijest-It™ Liquid Bacterial Enzyme formula is the best in it's class. A concentrated dog waste digester making it the ideal solution for your dog waste disposal system. See what Theodora says.

I ordered a case a year ago. I use it monthly & love this product not only as a dog-waste digester but I also put it down the toilet and several household drains.

It keeps my drains unclogged and my septic system functioning well.


  • Liquid - Activates immediately in water

  • Environmental - Safe to use around people, pets, and plants

  • Deodorizer - Helps eliminate odor

  • Professional Strength - Approximately 70 Billion bacteria per quart. 10 - 100 times stronger than some nationally advertised brands.

  • 5th Generation Microbial Technology - The most effective microbial technology available.

  • Bacteria/Enzymes - Seven strains of bacteria with added enzymes gives Super Dijest-It™ a much wider variety of microbial degradation.

  • Versatility - Dog Waste Digester, Septic System Renewer, Drain Cleaner, RV & Boat Holding Tank Treatment & Bilge Cleaner

Super Dijest-It™ is the ideal solution as a Dog Waste Digester & Unique Septic System Digester. An all-natural professional strength formula, which breaks organic waste and eliminates odor.

Yvonne writes:

The Super Dijest-It™ is the only dog waste digester to buy. It was recommended to me by a K.O.A. owner in 2003. We've been using it ever since.

I also use it in my R.V. holding tank.

Great Product!!

Warning! Do not buy a dog waste digester that does not meet the following criteria: Read on to learn more.

  • Liquid-- Easy to use, just shake and pour for immediate activation. Powdered formulas need to be blended with water & take longer to activate.

  • Concentrated-- With 70 billion bacteria per quart. Most liquid formulas aren't even close.

  • Environmental-- Safe to use around plants, pets, & people. Many liquid formulas use formaldehyde (a preservative) Environmentally unsafe.

  • Versatility-- Use it as a dog waste digester in your dog-waste disposal system, a septic system renewer, and drain cleaner, or R.V. & Boat Holding Tank & Bilge Treatment. You would have to buy 3 or 4 different products to do the same jobs.

Our Super Dijest-It™, one-of-a-kind, 3-in-1 solution is ideal for use in your home, R.V., or boat. Oh! It also deodorizes while it's doing all the jobs previously mentioned.

  • Many different applications

  • Professional strength

  • Saves you time & money

  • Safe to use around people, pets, & plants

Are you searching for a bacterial enzyme dog waste digester solution that will break down dog waste, and eliminate any odor? Super Dijest-it is a great product to handle your waste needs.

Super Dijest-It has a strong odor eating ability that is an all-natural formula. It's a liquid, which makes it faster to activate when added to water. There are no formaldehydes used in super dijest-it that would clean out your nose and chest the instant you unscrew the top. Instead, it's got a nice deodorizing smell to it.

Super Dijest-It is safe for the environment and a great addition to your doggie dooley. It's suggested that you add one or two ounces of Super Dijest-it liquid bacterial enzyme formula for each dog, each week. If you have two dogs, you will add two to four ounces a week to your doggie dooley.

It's very important to keep your lawn clean from doggie waste, because of the amount of sicknesses, bacteria, worms, and maggots they can attract. It's very important for your own health, and your loved one's health. In order to keep your lawn clean, you need a great septic system to do it. With your septic system, you'll need the Super Dijest-It it.

This highly concentrated, environmentally safe enzyme will break down the organic dog-waste particles and turn them into a liquid. Once turned into a liquid, the waste will seep into the soil. This is very important to handling waste.

Although Super Dijest-It is often used with dog waste, you can also use it inside of your own septic system. You can use it as a drain cleaner. It's great at eating away any organic particles, making them liquid so they don't clog your drains. Super Dijest-It has also been used inside of RV s, boats holding tanks, and bilge treatment. Using it in your RV or on your boat will deodorize the area while working hard on the fecal waste.

This unique 3-in-1 solution is excellent to keep in your home, boat, and/or RV This product comes in professional strength, and will need to be diluted. Super Dijest-It due to its versatility and low price will save you time and money. Keep an extra bottle around to throw in your own household septic, or if you have a RV or Boat. Keeping a bottle handy will be a lifesaver if you ever have a clogged drain. It's great when you purchase an item for one use, and can use it for several. This is one of those purchases.

Be at ease knowing that this enzyme is always safe to use around pets, people, and plants. Nontoxic formulas should give you a feeling of comfort, especially when using near our pets. We are always quick to make sure our pets are safe from danger, and as strong as Super Dijest-It is, it's not dangerous to your pets.

If you don't have a dog waste digester, you should read about them and how beneficial they are. Every family with one or more dogs should always have a dog waste disposal system. Use your super dijest-it with your dog waste system; you'll be happy you did.

Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester 1-Quart
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester 1-Quart
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester 1-Quart SDD-1Q
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Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester 1-Gallon
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester 1-Gallon
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester 1-Gallon SDD-1G
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Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester (12) Quart Case
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester (12) Quart Case
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester (12) Quart Case SDD-12Q
This item is currently out of stock!
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester (4) Gallon Case
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester (4) Gallon Case
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Septic System Digester (4) Gallon Case SDD-4G
This item is currently out of stock!

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