Dog Waste Disposal

The Complete Solution to Indoor and Outdoor Dog Waste Disposal

Dog owners might be surprised to find out that indoor and outdoor dog waste comes with a lot of health hazards if proper dog waste disposal isn't followed. Outdoors, dog poop and urine is toxic to your lawn, leaving unsightly discolorations and bald patches in the grass. Dog feces contains bacteria responsible for serious illnesses such as heartworms, tapeworms, salmonella and Parvo, if your dog gets feces on his paws, and then licks his paws, eats his feces or even rolls around it, he could become ill.

Improper dog waste disposal does not just affect your pet; it can spread disease to humans, cats and other dogs. Walking barefoot in your yard, gardening or children playing in the dirt are all at risk if outdoor dog waste is just sitting around. Not to mention that dog waste attracts flies and stinks! Thanks to innovative products designed for dog waste disposal, getting rid of your pets waste can be fast, mess free and easy.

Septic Tank Systems

One of the simplest and greatest ideas for outdoor dog waste disposal is septic tanks and toilet systems designed exclusively for handling dog waste. Created by Doggie Dooley these systems are placed in the ground with a lid that sticks up slightly. The simple design allows users to simply pop up the lid with their foot and drop waste inside without ever having to bend over or use their hands.

Enzymes and bacteria in the unit prevent odors and break down the outdoor dog waste then safely expel it below ground surface. Doggie Dooley is rust resistant and offers models suitable for one dog or several. For installation, simply find the perfect spot in your yard and dig a hole to complete the installation. In the tank simply add Doggie Dooley Super Digester, the powder is packed full of enzymes and harmless bacteria that quickly turn pet waste into liquid that can harmlessly be absorbed into the ground. Alternatively, use the Super Dijest-It a concentrated liquid that breaks down waste and eliminates odor.


For indoor or outdoor dog waste disposal dogs will naturally gravitate to a product that feels like and looks like real grass. PupGrass is a mat of artificial grass, featuring a backing that drains away urine and is designed to fight odor and bacteria. Outside pup grass mats can be used to cover the entire back yard or a doggie play area.

Indoors PupGrass is part of the three part, PupHead portable dog waste disposal system. Under the top layer of PupGrass is a grate and tray to hold the liquid. Indoors or outdoors dog owners can quickly shovel up the dog waste and dispose. The grass can be hosed off with water and can even be placed in the dryer on air fluff for fast drying. The portable PupHead allows pet owners to take their pets on road trips, boat trips, hotel stays and even visiting the neighbors without worrying about messes and odors.

Odor, Stains and Dog Waste Disposal

The best odor eliminators don't just work for indoor and outdoor dog waste disposal. They are actually designed to provide solutions for a variety of household issues.

  • Spilled red wine or blood in your carpet?
  • Did your dog track mud all over the carpet?
  • Has your cat peed all over the floors and has the scent sunk in?
  • Did a skunk spray your beloved pet and left a smell that just won't fade away?  

Then the all natural Pet Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover is a natural product that works wonders at cleaning up all types of odors and stains for indoor and outdoor dog waste.

Outdoor Dog Waste Solutions
Outdoor Dog Waste Solutions
Indoor Dog Waste Solutions
Indoor Dog Waste Solutions for Your Dogs.

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