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Dogs can be a person's best friend but the mortal enemy of a good night's sleep! Some dogs it seems are prone to barking at every move of a blade of grass and it does not take long for frustration to mount and the neighbors to begin complaining. The good news is you have several dog training options to stop the annoying barking and preserve relations with the neighbors.

Ultra Sonic Training Devices

The first method is called ultra sonic dog training and it includes the use of a handy device that can be wall mounted or free standing. This device is designed to stop dog barking by emitting a high ultra sonic sound that only dogs can hear. This sound is triggered by the barking of your dog and is quite unpleasant to the canine species.

These dog-training devices allow you to set the sensitivity and determine how loud a bark must be to trigger the corrective sound. These devices can cover between 30 and 50 feet depending on the model you select and have been shown to be very effective when you are trying to train a dog not to bark. They have a distinct advantage of collars since many dogs figure out that when the collar is away they may bark to their hearts content. Of course if you live in a home with multiple dogs this dog training device may not be suitable as all dogs will hear the corrective tone whether they are barking or not.

No Bark Collars

A no bark collar is activated automatically when your dog barks. These devices are very handy to use around other animals as it is only your dogs bark that will activate the correction. The nylon collar contains a small device with interchangeable probes that push through the fur to contact the skin, when your dog barks they get a small electrical impulse. Many of these no bark dog training collars come with auto adjust that will increase the frequency if your dog continues to bark and decrease it to just the right level as behavior improves.

Remote Control Training Collar

Some people prefer a more hands on approach when attempting to train a dog and like remote dog training collars. These systems come with a training collar and remote control that allows you to be in complete control of correction. When your dog barks or otherwise misbehaves this is a wonderful tool to set him on the right path. This is perfect for dog training issues such as barking at strangers or chasing cars. It is not however a great option for the dog who tends to "talk" all night that is unless you prefer to stay awake in order to train a dog.

Remote dog training collars are the most flexible of the above training tools. They have a long range of 300 yards and can be expanded for more than one dog at a time. Get a good night's sleep after all by choosing any one of these great dog-training aids.

Stop Barking Dogs
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