In Ground Dog Septics - The Solution to All Your Dog Woes

If you are afraid for you or your children to step into your yard because of all the hidden "treasures" your dogs leave behind, its time to reclaim your grass by using in ground dog septic's. Thinking inground dog septic's are a waste? Then consider these benefits.

Health Woes: In-ground dog septic's are designed to hold and dispose of dog waste so it doesn't become a health hazard or a problem for you and your community. Not only is dog waste unpleasant to smell, it carries Salmonella, E. coli, roundworms, hookworms and parvo virus among other bacteria. Contact with infected dog feces can cause diarrhea, rashes and more serious health problems in humans. Dog waste draws flies, which will lay eggs in dog feces and can quickly increase their numbers to become a nuisance around your home and spread further illness.

Solution: Because in ground dog septic's hold your dog's solid waste, bare feet, children and unsuspecting guests to your home are not exposed to feces. By simply installing and using in ground dog septic's, health hazards for humans, neighborhood dogs and other animals that come into contact with your yard will not be a concern.

Neighborhood Woes: Another reason to have an in-ground dog septic is because having a yard full of dog feces is an embarrassing eye sore that can quickly make you the enemy of your neighbors. It also makes it impossible to enjoy the lawn you worked so hard to maintain and put a lot of money into. If your dogs waste is lying around it is difficult to enjoy a walk around the yard, allow the kids to play in the grass or even take your dog outside for exercise. In some areas of the country, laws have even been enacted that limit how much dog waste can be on your lawn and heavy penalties are imposed for those who don't take action to keep their yards free from dog waste.

Solution: Doggie Dooley septics can be purchased to clean up after 1, 2, or up to 4 dogs. Since waste is cleaned up within seconds, the yard remains hygienic and safe to walk around in when doing chores outside, visiting with friends or having a party.

Dog Septic Systems are simple to work, rust free, safe for your home and the environment and require almost no installation. Doggie Dooley provides the most efficient and affordable units on the market, and have an unblemished reputation among dog owners. Their inground dog septics are all natural and built to work with clay, absorbent soil and rocky soil. Consider these 5 quick steps to enjoying Doggie Dooley inground dog septics:

  1. Pick the perfect spot in your yard and dig a hole.
  2. Install your in-ground dog septic, the lid will be flush with the grass, while the unit stays buried to avoid being an eyesore.
  3. Scoop up your dogs poop, open the handle by pushing the trigger with your foot and drop in the mess.
  4. Periodically add non chlorinated water and a digester containing enzymes and bacteria to break the waste down. As it liquefies down the waste it will drain through the inground dog septic base and into the soil.
  5. Forget about your in ground dog septic until you need to use them again! Simply enjoy your beautifully maintained yard free from dog poop!

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