Why Would You Need A Dog Septic System? - Doggie Dooley

Why Would You Need A Dog Septic System - Doggie Dooley

Currently, you clean up your yard, knowing that the dog feces sitting in your yard is unhealthy. You toss it into a plastic bag, and then toss it into your large garbage can. Why would you even consider the doggie dooley? There are several reasons.

Don't be fooled into thinking that dog waste can be a fertilizer for your lawn. That is just the opposite. Dog waste is not a fertilizer, and it's actually toxic to your lawn, causing burns and ugly discoloring. A dog septic system is the most sanitary environmentally safe system that will keep your yard free from the nasty smelling trash. Do you know that not keeping your yard safe has some dangers to your dog, yourself, children, etc?

Do you know that dog waste contains over 23 million fecal bacteria, which can cause intestinal illnesses, diarrhea, cramps, and even serious kidney disorders in humans? It's true! Feces can also carry heart worm, whipworm's, hookworms, roundworms, parvo, corona, giardiasis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, and campylobacteriosis. This makes it very important to dispose of your pet's wastes immediately, and using the most sanitary way possible through a dog septic system.

Some dogs tend to eat stools, which is not good for them or you when they decide to lick your face. If you can get into the habit of cleaning up after your dog as they go, and putting it directly into the doggie dooley, you can stop that before it happens.

Flies love to swarm around dog waste. They lay their eggs on dog stools. Do you think it's healthy to have a ton of maggots in your backyard? Now if flies have laid their eggs in your pet's feces, and you bagged that waste to toss into the garbage, what will you have? A Garbage can filled with more maggots.

Purchasing a doggie dooley could make it more fun to clean up after your dog. Therefore, cleaning your yard and making your environment healthy for you, your pets, and the people you love that live with you will become almost second nature.

This is a product that will make you feel good about taking part in saving your planet. No more plastic bags to pick up your dog waste. You can make it so that your dog's waste is made into a more ground absorbing liquid. Then your dog waste will be absorbed right into the ground. This will take away any odors you may have around your outdoor garbage can, or wherever you may toss your feces now. The doggie dooley will also not be an eye sore, and your friends and neighbors won't even know you have a doggie septic system right in your own backyard.

After installing a doggie dooley, and getting in the habit of using it daily, you no longer have to worry about walking barefoot in your own lawn. You also can let your kids play in the yard, and not have to worry about all the diseases, bacteria, and sicknesses that could have been hiding in your dog's waste. With a dog septic system, you can be at ease knowing your family, and pets are safe, as well as your property is now free of any embarrassing odors.

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