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Dogtra e-F-3000 e-Fence System Gold
Dogtra e-F-3000 e-Fence System Gold
Item# e-F-3000
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The Dogtra e-Fence System Gold gives you the ability to allow your dog the freedom he wants, within your specified boundaries. Dogtra's containment system contains your dog without the use of conventional fencing that can be chewed through, jumped over or dug under.


Main Features:

  • Waterproof collar/receiver
  • Pager/vibration signal that warns the dog prior to electrical stimulation/correction
  • Wire continuity indicator shows the fence is operational
  • Adjustable intensity for a variety of dog personalities
  • Rechargeable receiver
  • Long-range signal (will work up to 40 acres)
  • User-friendly controls

Safety Features:

  • Dogtra's e-Fence system collars use state-of-the-art microcomputer technology. The receiver has an automatic control that limits the stimulus to eight seconds.
  • Dogtra's filtering system prevents reception from outside sources other than your transmitter.


  • Wall-mount transmitter
  • one collar
  • chargers
  • test lamp
  • long/short contact points
  • plastic training probes
  • owner's manual
  • training guide
  • 500 feet of 18 gauge underground boundary wire (enough to enclose approximately 1/2 acre)
  • boundary flags
This new "GOLD" system allows for stimulation adjustment to occur at the collar/receiver (so that if more than one dog is being contained, each can be set at the appropriate individual stimulation level).

What is a Containment System?

A Containment System is the cost-effective alternative to traditional fencing. You create an in-ground hidden fence using a boundary wire. The detailed instructional video and/or DVD guides you through the easy-to-follow self-installation process.

When your dog is wearing a containment collar and approaches the boundary area, he hears a warning tone. If he continues toward the boundary, he receives a harmless but effective electrical stimulus that reminds him to stay in the "safe" part of the yard.

You can also use a containment system to block off areas such as gardens, swimming pools, or anywhere else you don't want your dog to go. If you have a traditional fence, but a dog who likes to dig under or jump over it, installing the boundary wire just inside the perimeter of the fence could be your answer.

Most importantly, these systems provide freedom for your dog to run AND peace of mind for you.


Dogtra e-F-Collar Extra Collar Receiver for the Dogtra e-Fence (GOLD)
Add additional collars to your Dogtra eFence GOLD system.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Dogtra e-F-Collar Extra Collar Receiver for the Dogtra e-Fence (GOLD) e-F-Collar-Gold
Dogtra e-Fence Expansion Kit
Dogtra e-Fence Expansion Kit for the Dogtra e-F-3000 System Dog Containment. Dogtra e-Fence Expansion Kit Includes 500 feet of boundary wire, splices, and 50 flags.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Dogtra e-Fence Expansion Kit e-F-Expansion-Kit
Dogtra e-Fence Surge Protector
Dogtra e-Fence Surge Protector for the Dogtra e-F-3000 System Dog Containment. Protect your system from lightning strikes.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Dogtra e-Fence Surge Protector e-Fence-Surge-Protector
Sod Staples 100-pack
Sod Staples 100-Pack, For Above Ground Pet Fence Installation, Great Alternative To Burying Containment System.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Sod Staples 100-pack SS100

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