Innotek - Choosing A Remote Dog Training System


  • Ask yourself at what distance you expect to need control over your dog


  • Innotek® collar receivers are the smallest you'll find anywhere. Our transmitters are comparitively small as well.

Batteries: Replaceable or Rechargeable?

  • Only Innotek® Gives You a Choice
  • Rechargeable receivers use NiCad batteries.
  • Innotek's exclusive SMART Charge technology makes charging fast and efficient and eliminates the risk of overcharging. Replaceable-battery receivers operate on long-life alkaline or lithium batteries. Transmitters use replaceable batteries.

Stimulation Modes

  • All models provide continuous stimulation in which the stimulus is delivered as long as the transmitter is held, to a maximum of 10 seconds.

What Separates Smart Dog® From the Rest of The Pack?

  • Simply put, technological innovation. As Innotek's quest for new and better products consistently betters our product line, our dominance proves itself again and again. This results in a wider variety of better quality products for you.

Humane Operation

  • Innotek's advanced technology results in the industry's lowest stimulation levels - without compromising effectiveness.

Battery Options

  • Innotek® is the only manufacturer to offer rechargeable containment systems along with a variety of user-replaceable battery options.

Multi-Tek Advantage™

  • This series of advanced performance features makes training your pet easier.

Only Burial-Approved Boundary Wire

  • Used in all Smart Dog® containment systems and guaranteed to last indefinitely, our polyurethane-coated wire with solid copper core won't disintegrate like our competitor's PVC can.

Quality-Assured Manufacturing

  • All Innotek® containment systems are manufactured at our headquarters in Garrett, Indiana, USA

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