Super Dijest-It™

Septic System Digester For Septic Systems & Drains

Concentrate For RV's and Boat Holding Tank & Bilge Treatment

Dog Waste Digester

Super Dijest-It™
  • Breaks down and converts organic waste to carbon dioxide and water

  • Eliminates odors

  • Professional strength formula

  • Uniquely All Natural

Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate

Now a 3-In-1 Solution!

Septic Tank Cleaning Chemicals: Dog Septic System Digester, and Pet Septic System.

  • Septic System Digester and Sewage Cleaning and Dog Waste Digester

  • RV Holding Tank Treatment and Toilet Maintenance

  • Boat Holding Tank & Bilge Treatment

New! Value-Added.

One-Of-A-Kind Professional Strength Formula.

Introducing 5th Generation Microbial Technology

The benefits of spore forming bacteria and non-spore forming microbes give the newest and most effective microbial technology available.

Seven strains give a much wider variety of microbial degradation than previously available in 3, 4 and 5 strain products.

  1. Good producer of amylase, protease, lipase and cellulase. Primarily aerobic organism.

  2. Facultative organism for degradation of fats, oils and greases. Spore former.

  3. Facultative organism. Good producer of hydrolytic enzymes: pentasonase, pectinase, urease and xylanase. Spore former.

  4. Excellent in digesting a variety of sugars and starches, utilizing a variety of amylases.

  5. Broad spectrum producer of enzymes. Grows both aerobically and anaerobically.

  6. Excellent bioaugmentation organism. Non-spore forming.
  7. Increases solubility of oxygen in water. Helps in breakdown of hydrocarbons.

Professional Strength Chemicals, ideal for Dog Septic Tank, RV and Boat Holding Tanks. Liquid Eating Machines!

Dog Septic System Digesters, Dog Septic Tank Chemicals are ideal solutions that save you time and money on dog septic systems, dog septic tank cleaning, dog septic tank toilet smells, dog septic tank maintenance, Reducing Septic Smell, and holding tank maintenance.

Super Dijest-It™ has 10-100 times more aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria than most nationally advertised popular brands. RV and Boat Holding tank maintenance on RV Septic System and boats is easy because our Super Dijest-It™ formula will break down organic waste and eliminate odors.

With Super Dijest-It™ Septic System Chemicals you can renew septic systems, deodorize all drains, eliminate odor in septic tank, and toilet smells, while reducing septic tank smell, use it weekly as a drain cleaner.

Eliminate ODORS!! -

Our environmentally safe Super Dijest-It™ Septic System Digesters use a combination of highly concentrated liquid bacteria plus added enzymes for natural and effective cleaning and deodorizing.

Nature's Way is the best way!

Heavy duty applications include dog septic systems, holding tanks in RVs and boats, drain maintenance, and grease. These highly concentrated, liquid bacterial digestant products attack organic waste and odors wherever they occur. The combination of bacteria cultures, enzymes, and nutrients promote the quick decomposition of waste in a safe and environmentally correct manner.

Saves you money with each application!

"Warning do not buy Corrosive/Acidic Products"

For Dealer Pricing call Unique Distributors at 1-800-333-4793 or 480-820-3362.

Super Dijest-It™ Septic System Digester
Super Dijest-It™ Septic System Digester For Septic Tanks and Drains. Save money Now! Renew your Septic System and keep your drains odor free. For septic system maintenance, septic system problems, and septic system care.
Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate For RV and Boats
Super Dijest-It™ Concentrate RV and Boat - RV and Boat Holding Tank Treatment! Super Dijest-It™ vaporizes organic solids, liquifies paper, and deodorizes with only 2 oz to a 40 gallon tank.
Super Dijest-It™ Liquid Dog Waste Digester With Deodorizer
Super Dijest-It™ Dog Waste Digester For Dog Septic Tanks and Dog Toilets.

UNIQUE DISTRIBUTOR'S 5th generation 7-strain microbial products are formulated exclusively for Unique Distributors under strict supervision of dedicated professionals and bottled in compliance with the Bureau of Weights and Measures.


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