AutoPetOasis - Size Large

AutoPetOasis - Large
AutoPetOasis - Large
Item# 2000LW
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AutoPetOasis, Pet Fountain, Automatic Pet Water System, Electronic Pet Water System.

AutoPet Oasis - Large - A Pet Fountain - Capacity 5 gallons - Pet Water Fountain

Large Dog Water Fountain for Pets with capacity 5 gallons.

This helps pets hydrated well and keeps them healthy.

This is Veterinarian and UL approved product.

Pet Fountain Benefits:

  • AutoPetOasis Keeps pets hydrated
  • Pet fountain or the pet water dispenser reduces the chances of your pet getting Urinary tract diseases
  • Our pet fountain provides clean oxygenated water for your dog health and cat health
  • Pet fountain provides Sparkling crystal clear fresh water
  • Pet fountain filter provides clean water so pets drink more fresh water
  • Our pet bowls has high capacity storage unlike other pet fountain in the market
  • Forced aeration (forced induction of air into water) reduces pet saliva contamination in our fresh water fountain. Patented system does not depend on water splatter to induce Oxygen in the water.
  • Inexpensive water filter
  • Replaceable eight layer water filter
  • Pet fountain has an easy fill valve, which makes it versatile
  • The pet fountain with its water filter provides clean water, which encourages pets to drink more
  • Easy dual carry handles is an other great feature in our pet fountain - pet bowls
  • Our pet fountain has a whisper quite motor (does not disturb the pets)

    • Height - 21 1/2"
    • Width - 10 1/2 "
    • Depth - 17 1/2" (including bowl)

Pet Fountain Features:

  • Our pet fountain has a whisper quiet UL Approved pump system
  • Low voltage transformer is used for pet safety on our water fountain
  • The pet waterer has an Ergonomically designed dual handle bottle for convenience for filling up and transporting
  • Anti Spill check valve helps during refilling of our water fountain
  • Our water filter has Eight Layers
  • Our Water Fountain has Activated Carbon to remove odors similar to other water filter found in homes for drinking water
  • Forced aeration system on our water fountain along with our eight stage water filter enables precipitation of dissolved solids
  • No Splatter Trough is another great feature on our automatic pet waterering bowls

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