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Household Pet Solutions

Automatically Feed Your Pets Up To 8-Times Per Day:

    Learn How You Can Automatically Feed And Care For your Animal Friends with our time-released pet feeders. Stop Feeling Guilty About Leaving Your Pet Alone.

  • Automatic Electronic PetFeeders

Give your Dog or Cat the Freedom They need and Want:

Dog Waste Management

Keep your lawn free of Dog Waste:

Keep your carpets clean from Dog Waste:

Dog Training

Stop your Dog from Barking:

    The perfect solution to stop dogs barking and stop the neighbors barking dog is here. A humane Barking dog solution for you and your neighbor.

  • "Bark Free" Dog Barking Training

Eliminate Unwanted Dog Behavior:

Dog Tracking

Keep track of your Dog when Hunting or Hiking:

Pet Containment

Keep your Dog safe from Traffic:

Provide a safe resting area for working horses:

    Unique Portable Carri-Lite Corrals - Unique Quick Feed Automatic Electronic Horse Feeders - Tri-Tronics Vice-Breaker Equine Remote Trainer - Equine Supplements.

  • Horse Care & Containment

Pet Health

Learn how to keep your pets healthy and pest free:

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